Selling More

Selling More

When it comes to selling more, you are really dealing with two questions:

One, do your team members know what to ask, say and do to sell? When you are providing sales training, you want to look at…

  • The questions your team members are asking prospects to get them talking about their needs
  • The information and client success stories your team members are sharing to clearly communicate the value of their products
  • The behaviors your team members are engaging in to build trust and demonstrate their competence

With this direction, you have a winning sales training focus that is guaranteed to help your team members increase their sales.

To help you with your sales training, contact us to learn about the customized programs we can offer your sales team.

Two, are you providing your team members with effective sales coaching to help them sell better today, than they did yesterday?

When it comes to coaching your sales team, you want to get into the specifics. It’s not about theory. It’s about specifics.

To give you some context, imagine a nutritionist helping a client with a weight loss issue. The nutritionist could ask the client what he or she typically eats, or she could ask what the client ate on a certain day.

If the nutritionist asks what the client typically eats, she might receive a nice list of food choices: chicken breast, vegetables, a baked potato, and an apple (for a snack).

But, if she asks what the client actually ate last Sunday between lunch and bedtime (the specifics), she might have a different list: nachos with sour cream, fried chicken with French fries, coleslaw, and a chocolate banana-split.

Asking the client for specifics gives the nutritionist more insight into where the problem areas lie.

In sales, specifics are your key to helping your team sell more. Don’t get your team members talking about what they typically do (the theory), but rather, get them talking about what they asked, said or did in specific sales conversations.

This is where your sales coaching gems lie, and identifying them will help your team sell more, better, sooner, and more often.

To learn how to improve your sales coaching, contact the Coaching and Sales team about our sales coaching programs.

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