Improving Performance

Improving Performance

Looking to improve your team’s performance?

Whether you are looking to improve sales, productivity, or the client experience, the first step is discovering what your team needs to do better and what you can do to help. This means looking at your team’s training and coaching needs. Training builds the foundation for better performance and coaching fine-tunes newly learned skills.

If you want to increase your team members’ sales, ask yourself a few questions about the sales training and sales coaching you are providing.

For your sales training:

  • How do you know that what you are teaching will help your team members sell better?
  • Is what you are teaching theoretical or practical?
  • Who decides on the content of the sales training? The team? Or you?
  • How do yuo determine what is included in the sales training?

For your sales team coaching:

  • What is the structure of your sales coaching?
  • Are your team members continuing to get better? If not, how come?
  • Are you coaching your salespeople or their sales results?
  • How do you ensure you follow-up on your team members’ sales commitments?

If you want to increase your team members’ productivity, take a look your coaching focus. Are you focused on productivity or your team members? Successful corporate leaders who focus on helping their team members, find productivity improves as a by-product.

With this in mind, focus your management coaching on helping your team members think more clearly about what they did yesterday so they perform better and be more productive today.

And if you are looking to improve the client experience, coach your team members to perceive their activities from the client’s perspective. The key is examining alternative interpretations of behaviours.

Through client-experience coaching, you can help your team members do this.

But, you’ll need a high degree of trust in your coaching relationship with your team. Otherwise, each coaching session could end up being a defensive tug-of-war. Develop your trust-building strategy first, and once you get the trust up, engage in client-experience coaching.

The results can be very rewarding, not only for clients, but also for you and your team.

Whether you are looking to improve sales, productivity or the client experience, contact the the Coaching and Sales Institute team to help you find the best solution for your needs.

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