Sell more with sales coaching Sell More with Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales ChallengesSales leaders can increase their revenues, without major changes to their technology, processes or workforce, by ensuring their salespeople are coached effectively and regularly.  Sell More with Sales Coaching (Wiley Publishing) provides sales leaders and salespeople with assessment, tools and exercises to sell more.

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Coaching for Better Results
is a comprehensive elearning and mlearning program to help managers coach more effectively and profitably.  The program provides managers with a four week hands-on opportunity to learn the Secret Formula for Coaching Questions and apply it to their coaching.

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The CSI Trust Survey

The ability to earn trust is one of the essential skills to effective coaching.  When trust is earned by a leader, the team’s performance improves, morale increases and the client experience is enhanced.  The CSI Trust Survey provides leaders with feedback about which of the 52 trust-building behaviors will earn the trust of their team members.

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