Sales Training

Sales Training

If you are like most sales leaders, you wish you could get the benefit of sales training without having the down side of taking the team off the job for the training. In keeping with this wish, all of the Coaching and Sales Institute’s (CSI) sales training programs are designed to provide increased sales results with the least amount of time off the job. You have two options for sales training.

Option One: In-House Sales Training, “Selling with Integrity”

Your CSI sales training program, Selling with Integrity, includes:

  • Sales Assessments
  • Interviews (with each sales person)
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Training Workshops
  • Sales Observation (followed by sales coaching)
  • Certification (upon successful completion)

Your Selling with Integrity program is designed to provide your team with what they need to sell more, better, sooner and more often. Your CSI sales training is customized and delivered in short periods over a series of weeks to increase your team’s sales results and to reduce their time off the job.

Call 416.410.4441 for your complimentary assessment of your team’s sales needs.

Option Two: Online Sales Training, “The Sales Machine”

Your point and click automated sales training, The Sales Machine, includes:

  • Sales Audits
  • Sales Training (print and audio modules)
  • Sales Coaching GPSs
  • Sales Tracking
  • Sales Answers
  • Sales Coaching Conference Calls

The Sales Machine’s sales assessments, sales training, sales coaching and sales tracking formats are built around the 12 most common areas sales people need help with to increase their sales:

  1. Leverage Referrals
  2. Network for Sales Results
  3. Transform Objections into More Sales
  4. Prospect More Effectively
  5. Engage in More Profitable Conversations
  6. The Better Way to Close
  7. Ask More Effective Questions
  8. Deliver More Powerful Presentations
  9. Build Better Rapport
  10. Identify Needs Sooner
  11. Create Your Voicemail Advantage
  12. End the Skepticism, Indifference and Resistance Rut

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