If any of these ‘wants’ are true for you, coaching is your solution.

  • Improve your (or your team’s) sales results
  • Get your team sharing best practices more effectively
  • Ask better coaching questions
  • Increase retention
  • Improve your team’s productivity
  • Have your team working more effectively and collaboratively

You have options when it comes to your coaching choices: sales coaching, sales team coaching, management coaching, sales management coaching and executive coaching (for details read more below). If you are a corporate leader looking for a combination of these different forms of coaching, we can customize a coaching program to your requirements.

All CSI coaching programs start with our assessments to customize your coaching to your specific needs. The more we know about your needs the more helpful we can be to you.

Sales Coaching

Your CSI sales coaching focuses on what you can do better to sell more, better, sooner and more often. You’ll discover what you are doing that is getting in the way of your clients choosing to buy from you. You’ll sell in a way that better suits you and your clients.

You begin your sales coaching with an analysis of what you need to increase your sales. CSI sales coaching is for you If you are looking to:

  • Better leverage your referrals
  • Get better results from your networking
  • Make your sales conversations more profitable
  • Deliver more powerful sales presentations
  • Prospect more effectively
  • Ask better sales-producing questions
  • Develop a better trust-building strategy
  • Turn objections into selling opportunities
  • Better help clients with their buying decisions
  • Close in a more professional manner
  • Do a better needs analysis
  • Respond better to indifference and scepticism
  • Etc…

Because of this research-based sales coaching, your CSI sales coaching is truly customized to your needs and will get you results if you apply what you learn.

Sales Team Coaching

With your CSI sales team coaching, you’ll learn to take your team’s sales performance to the next level. Your sales coaching emphasis is on consistently improving your team’s sales results. You’ll get:

  • feedback from your team about your sales leadership
  • research results of what your team needs to sell more
  • diagnostic of what you need to improve your sales coaching

Based on this research, your sales team coaching is customized to you and your team’s needs.

Your team’s results improve with regular targeted sales coaching. Your sales coaching focus can include:

  • side-by-side sales coaching
  • formal sales coaching
  • team sales coaching
  • observation sales coaching
  • etc….

Your sales team coaching can also involve how to make your sales stats and performance reviews more coach-like so your team members better understand the connection between their sales behaviors and their sales results (so they really grasp which sales activities give them better sales results).

Management Coaching

Your CSI management coaching is designed to help you and your team perform better. It all starts with you getting feedback from your team on how well you:

  • develop your people
  • build teamwork
  • improve communication
  • demonstrate leadership

This research provides context for further developing your coaching skills.

You’ll also do an assessment of your management coaching. If you need any of the following, CSI’s management coaching is for you:

  • Keep my team better focused on goals
  • Ask better questions
  • Give and get more effective feedback
  • Get my team following through on more of their commitments
  • More effectively leverage the strengths of my team
  • Run more effective meetings
  • Better impact your team’s performance/productivity

We’ll help you and your team do better with a focus on the client experience.

Executive Coaching

At CSI, your executive coaching focuses on improving the performance of your team. Your coaching sessions are customized to you and your team’s needs. It starts with:

  • clarifying your goals
  • getting feedback from your direct reports
  • giving assessments to every level below you

This 3-prong research gives you a clear picture of what is going on so you can get the best out of yourself and your team.

Your executive coaching can also include:

  • examining your coaching strategy
  • improving your performance coaching of your direct reports
  • doing a reality check on your division’s coaching and sales coaching routines (relative to your targets)

We can help you create a culture of sustainable ongoing improvement.

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