Leading Better

Leading Better

How do coaching and leadership relate? Coaching is style of leadership focused on continual improvement.

And as a leader, a coaching focus can help you overcome one of the greatest obstacles of being a leader. Often leaders by virtue of their role get less honest feedback to help them and their team do better. You may find you are sometimes the last to know what is really going on within your division and your company.

With an effective leadership coaching approach, you will discover what is really going on … sooner (quite often before any potential issues become a problem). And you’ll give and get more valuable feedback if you coach well.

How do you do this?

First, create a safe coaching environment where your team members will feel free to share without judgement or censorship. This way they will feel they can trust you with what is going on.

Second, work on learning how to ask effective questions to not only understand their behaviors but to get at the thinking behind their behaviors. You’ll be able to see problems before they occur and be able to be proactive in helping your team do better.

Third, at the end of every coaching session ask for feedback about what you have done recently to help them in their role and what you can do this week to help them do better. They will provide you with clear road map of what they need to be successful.

This three step plan is essential to your leadership development. Use coaching as your leadership style and you’ll set both yourself and your team up for greater success.

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