Sales Coaching Tip – The Referral Ask

Sales Coaching Tip – The Referral Ask

Often salespeople don’t ask for referrals. Your salespeople may or may not be asking for referrals. And even if they are asking for referrals, if they are like most salespeople, they’re probably not asking for referrals 100% of the time.

When you are sales coaching your salespeople, a focus on “asking for referrals” can make a dramatic improvement to their sales. There are two major ways to help them improve their ability to “ask for referrals.” These are asking for referrals more consistently and more effectively.

  1. More consistently ask for referrals

To help your team members ask more consistently for referrals, coach them to make it a habit to ask for referrals from every satisfied client. Many salespeople find it helpful to determine their current rate of asking for referrals so they can then set weekly targets to increase their percentage until they reach 100%.

For example, let’s say one of your salespeople is currently asking 50% of their satisfied clients for referrals. They would then set the goal that next week they’d be at 70%, the following week they’d be at 85% and then by the end of the third week they’d be at 100%.

This kind of stair step process gives you and your team members a measuring stick and realistic targets to meet.

  1. More effectively ask for referrals

To help your salespeople be more effective in their asking for referrals, examine how they are currently asking and them, get real practical with them.

For example, you might follow a process like this:

  1. Ask your team members to write out the words they used in the last five conversations when you asked for a referral
  2. Beside each one, have your team members indicate the number of referrals they got
  3. Direct your team members to rank the effectiveness of the wording of each of the five
  4. Encourage your team members to then tweak the words they used so they have a more effective conglomerate of the five they wrote , taking into consideration the results they got
  5. Have your team members test their tweaked version with a few clients
  6. Help your team members further tweak their wording until they have a way of asking for referrals that works for their clients and their results.

By coaching your salespeople to ask for referrals more consistently and effectively, they will increase their sales.

Are your salespeople asking for referrals currently?

What is the percentage of their consistency of asking for referrals?

What can you do to help your salespeople improve the wording they use to ask for referrals?

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