Sales Coaching Tip – Objection Warning Signs

Sales Coaching Tip – Objection Warning Signs

Salespeople often try to avoid objections rather than use to them to better navigate their sales conversations.

Help your team members use their prospects’ objections as warning signs to better adapt and customize their sales conversations. If they ignore the warning signs that objections provide, their sales conversations will feel stilted and stiff. And the likelihood of them lossing the sale will be higher.

When your team members learn to leverage objections to better customize their sales conversations, their conversations will better meet their prospects where they are in their decision making process. And they’ll most likely sell more.

The first step in helping your team members better leverage the valuable guidance objections can have to their sales conversations is to track the types of objections they receive in a week. Then your salespeople can work on developing better responses to those objections.

Once your team members have identified their most common types of objections, work with them to develop more effective ways to respond to objections so they are adapting their sales conversations more effectively to their prospects’ decision making needs.

Who on your team is having challenges with leveraging the warning signs of their prospects’ objections?

How are you going to help them identify those objection warning signs?

How are you going to help them develop better responses to those objections?

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