Sales Coaching Tip – Sharing Stories

Sales Coaching Tip – Telling Stories

As you know, one of the most effective ways for your team members to engage clients is to share true client success stories. By leveraging stories effectively, your team members clearly communicate the value of your product in a short timely manner.

To ensure your team members are using their stories effectively, coach them on how they match their clients’ needs and challenges to the stories they share.

With this in mind, get your team members to list their clients’ most common needs and challenges. Ask them to match each with a true client story. Then get them to practice each story verbally.

To take your coaching and their stories to the next level, do a role play with each of your team members to see how they use their stories in as-close-to-real circumstance as possible. You’ll discover if and how they adapt their sales conversations leveraging their stories. This will provide rich content for your sales coaching.

By coaching your team members on the stories they share with prospects, you help them ensure their stories are relevant and valuable. The more relevant and valuable their stories are, the more likely they will close more sales.

Who on your team could benefit from working on their true client success stories?

How are you going to help them better match clients’ needs and challenges to the stories they share?

Who do you think you will do some role play with to see how strong their storytelling skills are?

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