Sales Coaching Tip – Help Their Brains Sell More

Sales Coaching Tip – Help Their Brains Sell Better

One of the toughest things as a sales coach is to resist the temptation of starting your sales coaching conversations with telling your salespeople what to do. And to add to your temptation, many salespeople adhere to the philosophy “You’re the boss. So just tell me what I should do.”

Think of this temptation as a test of your sales coaching skills. Be strong. If you submit to your temptations and start your sales coaching conversations with answers, you make your team members dependent on you. This would rob them of the opportunity to improve their sales thinking and in turn their sales results.

You can improve your team members’ thinking by asking exploratory questions and listening for what they need to sell more. Ask questions to help them think through what happened and to choose more effective alternatives next time they are in a similar sales situation.

This way you help your team members myelinate more effective passageways in their brains so they naturally sell more in their next sales conversations. Think of yourself as their traffic controller. When you ask your sales coaching questions, you are directing their attention to the sales details that will cause them to take their sales conversations in a more sales-conducive direction.

Who on your team do you sometimes provide too many answers to?

What questions can you ask to shift to hearing more about their perceptions of how your team members’ sales conversations went?

What questions can you ask to help your team members choose more effective sales approaches?

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