Sales Coaching Tip – The LinkedIn Effect

Sales Coaching Tip – The LinkedIn Effect

One reason for LinkedIn’s popularity is that it allows people to check the facts about someone before or after connecting with them. It provides people with unbiased information about the targeted individual. We call this desire for unbiased information the LinkedIn Effect.

Since the sales industry has a reputation of stretching and/or omitting the facts, it’s important to keep the LinkedIn Effect in the forefront during your coaching conversations.

How can you do this? When coaching your team members on what to say to prospects, be sure to cover how they back up their product claims with facts. Coach your team members to reflect on the claims they make, and brainstorm how they can back them up with unbiased facts that better match their claims. This approach can boost your team members’ credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of their prospects.

If your team members are like most, they’ll find this approach will lead to greater sales.

What claims do your team members typically make about your products that could benefit from some more unbiased support?

Who on your team would benefit from supporting their claims with more unbiased information?

What are you going to do to help those team members reflect on the claims they make, so they can develop more unbiased information?

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