Sales Coaching Tip – The Prospect Salesperson Divide

Sales Coaching Tip – The Prospect Salesperson Divide

Sales are often lost because salespeople misunderstand what prospects mean – we call this the Prospect-Salesperson Divide.

For example, a prospect tells one of your team members that your product is expensive. Your team member, then, concludes that the prospect doesn’t want to buy when this may not be the case.

Help your team members avoid the Prospect-Salesperson Divide by coaching them to explore various ways of interpreting what prospects say and do.

In these coaching conversations, you might open by asking questions like:

  • How exactly did the prospect phrase the comment?
  • What else could the prospect have meant when he said that (other than he doesn’t want to buy)?

If your team member struggles to identify alternative interpretations, and you want to spark some brainstorming, you might ask some of the following:

  • Was it a polite way of saying “I’m not interested right now” (and he might be later)?
  • Was it a demonstration that he didn’t understand the value of the product?
  • Was it his subtle way of mentioning that he doesn’t have the money in his budget right now?
  • Was it his way of giving himself some time to talk with some other unbiased person? (a spouse, colleague, boss or partner.)

Notice how each of these possible interpretations would steer the sales conversations in a different direction.

Once your team members recognize that the same prospect words or behaviors can have different meanings, you can coach them to take their sales conversations to the next level by:

  • Asking their prospects questions to clarify what they meant
  • Adjusting the remainder of their sales conversations accordingly

Your team members’ sales conversations will then become more effective, productive and sales-conducive.

Who, on your team, may be experiencing this Prospect-Salesperson Divide?

What are you going to ask your team members to increase their awareness of the various interpretations of their prospects’ words and actions?

When are you going to get a chance to ask them these questions?

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