Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Doctor or Sales Coroners

Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Doctors or Sales Coroners

It’s common advice to suggest that salespeople do sales autopsies when they lose business. Yet, would you rather your sales team be seen as sales doctors or sales coroners?

Coach your team members to be prepared with questions to ask to keep their sales alive, rather than doing sales autopsies once their sales are dead.

During your coaching sessions with your team members, inquire about what are they doing to check in with prospects, to discover where they are with their buying decisions.

Don’t let your team members wait until the sale is dead to ask prospects about their decision-making processes.

Encourage your team members to prepare questions to learn more about their prospects’ decision-making. To get you started with your team members, here is an example of each category of decision-making questions they could ask:

  1. Processes – “What’s the typical decision-making process in your division/company?”
  2. Criteria – “What are the most important factors for you?”
  3. Time frames – “What kind of timelines did you have in mind?”
  4. Status – “On a percentage scale, where are you in terms of being in favor of buying?”

By regularly including prospects’ decision-making in your coaching sessions with your team members, you ensure they are focused on living sales rather than dead ones. This will help your team members keep their sales healthy and vital, so they act more like sales doctors, and less like sales coroners.

Who on your team loses more sales than you would like?

Is a healthy portion of their sales conversations focused on prospects’ buying decisions?

What can you do to help your team members act more like sales doctors, rather than sales coroners?

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