Sales Coaching Tip – Selling Additional Products

Sales Coaching Tip – Selling Additional Products

When you are looking to improve your team’s ability to sell additional products, coach them on the specifics of what they are asking and saying to sell more.

Explore with your team members the various details of selling more products including how they:

  • Manage the time they take to sell additional products
  • Introduce additional products in their conversations
  • Position additional products
  • Engage clients’ interest in additional products
  • Determine which additional products to offer
  • Select which questions to ask to sell additional products

Then together with your team members, you can adapt your coaching according and help them to become better prepared to sell additional products.

Once you discover what type of additional product sales assistance each of your team members need, you can have a laser focus to your coaching so their preparation can be more targeted and sales conducive.

Who on your team is not selling a much additional product as you would like?

What kind of additional product sales assistance does each of those team members need?

What are you going to do to help those team members to be better prepared to sell additional products?

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