Sales Coaching Tip – Automatic

Sales Coahing Tip – Automatic

See if this holds true for you. Sometimes. Just sometimes, are you a bit distracted because of things going in at work or in your personal life and because of it you shift into automatic?

Rest assured that this is normal. It’s actually a natural function of the brain. When we get stressed, we tend to go back to old thinking patterns rather than use new ones. Call this the automatic mode we sometimes find ourselves in.

Salespeople are the same. They too will go into this less sales-conducive automatic mode. When they do, they fall back on old sales patterns, ask automatic questions and provide automatic answers. Depending on the salesperson, this may happen once a month, once a week, or once a day. There really is no way to know without being with a salesperson on every call.

As a sales coach, this is where you come in. Though you can’t be with your team members 24/7, there is something you can do. Ensure your team members are ready for these automatic moments by preparing and coaching them appropriately.

You’ll find the sales skills your team members don’t have a great deal of flexibility and adaptability with are generally the areas they need to focus on. The areas where they use only one way of asking or saying something is your treasure trove for keeping them out of automatic mode.

For example, if you find a team member seems to ask for the sale in the same way virtually each and every time, it would be safe to say it would be helpful for him to develop other ways to ask for the sale and then role play these a variety of sales conversations.

Once this team member can competently ask for the sale in a variety of sales situations, change things up in the role play. Add some pressure to the role play by adding either time limits or escalating the attitude of the prospect role you are playing. This added level of stress will provide the context that would normally cause the team member to fall back into automatic mode. See what happens and coach accordingly.

This kind of preparation and coaching will help your team members be more effective under circumstances that would cause other salespeople to go to automatic (read as become less sales effective). This will ensure your team members function better even at their worst.

Who on your team is falling into automatic more than you and they would like?

What sales skill do they have the least amount of flexibility and adaptability with?

When are you going to get a chance to help them develop and role play more alternatives?

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