Sales Coaching Tip – New Sales Habits

Sales Coaching Tip – New Sales Habits


The New Year is the perfect time to help your team members improve their sales habits. The start of the year provides an ideal opportunity to ignite renewed commitment to sales improvement.

During your coaching sessions in the next few weeks, include a review of what is working well for your team members and what is not going as well as they would like. Then you can adapt your sales coaching accordingly.

You may need to provide some structure for team members during this conversation. For example, you may explore the effectiveness of their:

  • Discovery questions
  • Listening to identify what their prospects need
  • Value proposition
  • Client success stories
  • Information sharing
  • Positioning statement
  • Asking for the sale
  • Response to price objections
  • Ability to get referrals
  • Prospecting strategies

By helping your team members look at their sales actions with fresh eyes, you’ll be able to coach them to develop more effective sales habits and set them up for greater sales success in 2013.

Who on your team would benefit from improving their sales habits?

What sales habits do you think those team members most need to improve?

When are you going to get a chance to explore what is working and not working for those team members?


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