Sales Coaching Tip – A Coaching Holiday Gift to Give

Sales Coaching Tip – A Holiday Gift to Give


Over the last few decades, I’ve been doing research about trust and how it impacts learning, the client experience and performance. And the research keeps coming back that no matter what our background, age or gender that we all wish others would listen to us more effectively.

Listening to others causes them to share more of what is going on in their world and to be more open to hearing the ideas of others.

During the holidays, give the gift of listening to someone special in your life. Consider making the choice to listen a little better than last time.

As you know, demonstrating listening is one of the sales coaching skills. By giving the gift of listening to someone special over the holidays, you’ll more than likely improve that relationship and keep your sales coaching skills sharpened.

Who might you give the gift of better listening to this season?

Wishing you and yours a holiday of love and joy.


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