Sales Coaching Tip – Buyer’s Remorse Prevention

Sales Coaching Tip – Buyer’s Remorse Prevention

Have you ever bought something and had feeling of buyer’s remorse afterwards?

Your team members’ clients are not different. They too sometimes experience the feelings of buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, when clients experience buyer’s remorse, they often fantasize about returning the product. Some go so far as actually returning the product or, worse, complaining to others in person or online.

Help your team members be proactive about preventing buyer’s remorse with their clients. Your team members can do this by eliminating buyer’s remorse before it becomes an issue. This means they would consciously make efforts to proactively address any seedlings of buyer’s remorse during and after the sale.

What might this look like?

Buyer’s remorse prevention looks like good salesmanship. Your coaching of buyer’s remorse prevention would include you asking your team members about what they did to:

  • Address clients’ doubts … before the sale
  • Confirm all concerns are addressed … before the sale
  • Follow up with clients after the sale

A positive by-product of coaching your team members to be proactive with buyer’s remorse is they will increase their chances of getting referrals and get better sales results.

Do many of your team members’ clients experience buyer’s remorse?

What can you do to help them become more proactive in preventing buyer’s remorse during their sales interactions?

What can you do to help them become more proactive in preventing buyer’s remorse after their sales interactions?

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