Sales Coaching Tip – Selling or Buying

Sales Coaching Tip – Selling or Buying

Salespeople tend to focus on selling. And rightfully so. Sales is their job. Yet when salespeople are predominately honed in on selling it can be a client repellent.

Experience has demonstrated that successful selling happens when salespeople position products from the client’s vantage point. It’s this greater focus on clients’ buying processes rather than salespeople’s sales processes that creates results.

Your team members can attract more business by adapting and having a more client-focused sales approach.

When coaching your team members, help them become more client-focused in their sales approach by exploring some of the following in your coaching:

  • Asking more effective discovery questions
  • Determining which products are the best match for clients’ needs
  • Positioning products from clients’ perspective
  • Describing their product recommendations as advantages to clients

By including these topics in your coaching sessions, your team members will better understand what to specifically do and say to be more focused on their clients’ buying decisions. And as a by-product, they’ll sell more.

Which of your team members are more sales-focused?

Who on your team would benefit from being more buying-focused?

What topic are you going to focus your sales coaching on this week to help your team members be more client-focused?

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