Sales Coaching Tip – Keep Them Coming Back

Sales Coaching Tip – Keep Them Coming Back

Think of who you regularly buy from … in both your personal and professional life.

What comes to mind for me are two individuals: Susie, my “clothes gal” and Garry, my “tech guy.”

I’m extremely loyal to Susie because she’s not afraid to say the words, “Take it off, honey! It’s not you.”

Susie’s brutal honesty keeps me coming back. She has a lot of competition but because of her honesty I keep going back for more. (By the way, “That’s a wow!” is also in her vocabulary.)

And I’m extremely loyal to Garry because I trust him. He responds promptly to my emails and technology requests. He fixes my sites and my computer issues wherever I am in the world.

I remember being in the Middle East and feeling quite panicky because my computer was acting up. Garry fixed it remotely while I slept. I woke to my computer working in tip top form.

It’s for these reasons that I’m loyal to Susie and Garry.

Customer loyalty is the holy grail of sales. Yet salespeople often treat clients in such a way that doesn’t facilitate this kind of loyalty. Sometimes in their enthusiasm for making sales, they lose focus of their client loyalty perspective.

With this in mind, spend some of your sales coaching time exploring with your team members what they do to ensure their loyal repeat clients keep coming back for more. Discovering the little things that cause their repeat clients to be loyal will help them determine what behaviors to engage in with their past “non-repeat” clients.

Susie once shared with me that in one of her pervious jobs her “boss” asked her to not use her direct approach. As you can imagine, her sales went down.

Because of that experience, Susie is fiercely commited to her refreshing “no holding back” approach. It keeps me and many others coming back for more.

Help your team members discover what keeps their loyal clients coming back so they can engage in those behaviors by design and increase the number of repeat sales they make.

Who on your team is not getting a lot of repeat clients?

What are you going to ask them to help them discover what they are doing to get the repeat clients they do have?

When are you going to get a chance to have a conversation with them to engage in those identified behaviors by design?

P.S. If you’d like to connect with either Susie or Garry here are the websites respectively.

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