Sales Coaching Tip – Improve Their Rate of Asking for the Sale

Sales Coaching Tip – Improve Their Rate of Asking for the Sale

Very few salespeople consistently ask for the sale in each of their sales conversations.

As a sales leader, one of the keys to helping your team members increase their sales is to get them asking for the sale in every one of their sales conversations. This will increase their odds of making more sales.

There are 3 simple steps to improving the rate in which your team members ask for the sale.

The first step is to discover who on your team is and isn’t asking for the sale 100% of the time.

The second step is to clarify their reasons for not asking consistently. And the operative word is “consistently.” You want to know what is holding them back from not doing it “consistently.” Once you know their reasons, you can adapt your coaching accordingly.

Your team members may not be asking consistently for several reasons, for example, they:

  • · Use the same wording every time they ask and when the conversation goes in a unexpected direction they don’t know how to ask
  • · Aren’t comfortable asking when selling particular products
  • · Don’t know how to ask in special situations

Once you isolate the reasons, coach them on how to ask consistently for the sale.

Here’s what your coaching might look like following the examples above:

  • · If your team members ask for the sale with the same phrasing, help them brainstorm alternative wording or set them up to job shadow a team member who consistently asks for the sale in different ways.
  • · If your team members are not comfortable asking for the sale with particular products, spend some time with them reviewing the challenging products until they have a comfort level with them and can easily role play asking for the sale of these products.
  • · If your team members don’t know how to ask for the sale under special circumstances, coach them on wording that they can use in those situations and role play until it feels natural for them.

By taking a proactive approach with your team members, you ensure they ask for the sale more consistently. And you can predict that their results will improve.

Are your team members consistently asking for the sale?

Who on your team is not asking for the sale?

What are you going to do to help them to consistently ask for the sale?

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