Sales Coaching Tip – Challenges

Sales Coaching Tip – Challenges

If you’re like most sales managers, you are looking for ways to improve your team members’ prospect conversations. One way to effectively improve your team’s conversations is to coach them on how they are discovering more about their prospects’ challenges including what they are asking their prospects about what they have previously done to solve those challenges.

By coaching your team members on this, you ensure that what they say is most relevant to their prospects’ challenges. This way they also only suggest product solutions that their prospects haven’t already tried.

When it comes to coaching your team members on what questions to ask their prospects with regards to their challenges, your team members might find one of the following questions helpful:

“What are you doing now to deal with the challenge?”

“What have you tried in the past to handle the issue?”

“Was there any part of the approach you tried that worked?”

“What was it that didn’t work for you and your team?”

“What do you see is the reason(s) those attempts didn’t work?”

By drilling down with questions like these, your team members’ prospects will provide your team members with valuable information to ensure that what they say is most helpful to their prospects.

Who on your team is not investigating into prospects’ challenges as well as they could?

What can you do to coach those team members to ask better questions about their prospects’ challenges and how they have handled them in the past?

Which of the above example questions might be helpful to your team members?

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