The Higgs Boson of Sales

The Higgs Boson of Sales

If you’ve been reading/listening to the news today, you know that scientists the world round are buzzing with word of the Higgs Boson, or otherwise known as the God Particle. The recent research from CERN confirms the existence of the Higgs Boson, the basic building block of the universe. Scientists have hypothesised for years that the Higgs Boson existed but couldn’t prove it until now.

It makes me reflect on what is the Higgs Boson of sales. What is the fundamental unit of sales that all sales are built on? What one basic building block would cause a sale to happen, or not happen?

The Higgs Boson is the particle that gives mass to other matter. Simplistically it converts energy into matter. So what would the sales activity that converts ideas (energy) into a sale (matter)?

What would you hypothesize is the Higgs Boson of sales?

Here’s my take. The one sales activity that shifts a sales conversation from idea to a sale is … (drum roll please) … asking effective sales questions.

At first I thought the Higgs Boson of sales was listening. Actually, let’s make that “demonstrating listening.”

And my partner first argued that trust was the Higgs Boson of sales. Yet I perceive that when salespeople demonstrate they are listening, prospects trust them. So therefore, trust is a by-product of listening. So trust is not the Higgs Boson of sales.

So how did I come to the conclusion that asking effective sales questions as the Higgs Boson of sales. Think of the essential units to a sales conversation:

  • · Asking questions
  • · Demonstrating listening
  • · Building trust
  • · Providing relevant information

If salespeople ask quality sales questions, they are put in the position to listen to what is important to their prospects. Listening effectively helps build trust between salespeople and prospects. And once salespeople know what’s important to their prospects (because they have listened well), they can ensure they only share information that is of value to their prospects.

So I rest my case and let you weigh in. What do you propose the Higgs Boson of sales to be?

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