Sales Coaching Tip – What Salespeople Crave

Sales Coaching Tip – What Salespeople Crave

Saless people crave feedback. They want to know how they are doing. They want to know if they did well. And if they are not selling as well as they could, they want to know what they can do to do better.

Experience demonstrates that salespeople will work harder and more productively for managers who provide effective and timely feedback. Also retention is greater when managers give great feedback.

Knowing that your team craves feedback, what are you doing to provide them with timely and effective feedback?

Ideally you want to be providing positive feedback to reinforce the sales behaviors you value and corrective feedback to help them sell better, on a regular basis. By doing this by design and not by default, you ensure you are consistent in providing your team with what they crave and need to sell more.

Consider developing a feedback plan. You may even use a checklist to get yourself developing good feedback habits with your team members. It might include their names and the number of times you’ve provided feedback in a day/week for each. This will help you identify if you have missed anyone and improve your follow through on delivering feedback. The bonus will be an increase in sales. A win for all of you.

Have you been providing feedback for your team in timely and consistent manner?

Who on your team could use some additional feedback?

What is your feedback plan?

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