Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Prep

Sales Coaching Tip – Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

As you know, sales preparation can have a huge impact on sales. Often salespeople focus their sales preparation on learning new techniques and “tricks” to sell more. Yet experience has proven that this kind of focus does not produce better sales results. Quite often these kind of new techniques and “tricks” work against their sales efforts causing their sales conversations to seem canned and manipulative from their clients’ perspective. It’s like building a home on a faulty foundation.

When coaching your team members on their sales preparation, you’ll find it most helpful and sales-conducive to focus on the fundamental key components of sales.

Why? It helps your team members fine-tune their basic sales skills and ensures they have mastered them before focusing on additional skills. It makes sure they are building their sales skills on a strong foundation rather than on a faulty one that clients perceive as canned manipulative sales techniques.

So ensure you include the basics in your coaching of their sales preparation. For example, before your team members meet with their next client, coach them by reviewing and preparing some of the following with them:

  • Sales questions to identify and understand their clients’ needs
  • Phrases to pre-position additional products
  • Transitions for shifting the conversation from discussing needs to sharing a true client story
  • True client stories that fit their clients’ industry
  • Sales questions to discover their clients’ decision making process
  • Sales questions to invite their clients to buy
  • Transitions to move the conversation from “the initial close” to discussing additional products

This kind of basic polishing will provide clients with kind of assistance to help them with their buying decisions. And in turn, your team members will sell more.

How often do you coach your team members on their sales preparation?

When will you next be coaching them on their sales preparation?

Which one or two items from the list above will be the focus of your coaching?

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