Sales Coaching Tip – Mama Was Right

Sales Coaching Tip – Mama Was Right

When it comes to being truthful in life, your mother was right. And when it comes to sales, being truthful is just as important. Particularly since many clients have their truth detectors on high because sales has a reputation of being manipulative and untruthful.

What does this mean to your coaching? When you’re coaching your team members about the “truths” they share with clients, be sure to coach them to back up their claims with the most appropriate supporting material.

If your team members expect that their clients will be less likely to believe what they are going to say, coach them on the facts and research they can use to support what they say. If your team members think clients will be less likely to understand what they are going to say, coach them to give an example, story or analogy to demonstrate what they share.

During your coaching session, examine the “truths” your team members share and ask them if their clients are less likely to believe or understand. Then help them plan their supporting ideas accordingly. It will help them build their credibility and trust with their clients sooner in their sales conversations, and ultimately lead to greater sales.

What “truths” do your team members typically make that they haven’t backed up with the appropriate supporting information?

Are clients less likely to believe or understand each of those claims?

What kind of support material can they use for each of those claims?

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