Sales Coaching Tip – “Dump It” List

Sales Coaching Tip – “Dump It” List

As you know, the quality of your team member’s sales questions determines their sales results. Therefore, what they ask is extremely important to their sales.

Knowing this, when you coach your team members, ask them to write out the sales questions they ask. Review them together. And then ask them to dump the ineffective sales questions and create alternate more powerful questions.

To help guide your dumping process, here is a list of some of the kinds of questions (with examples) your team members will want to dump:

  • Leading questions “Wouldn’t it be better if you tried …?”
  • Questions you already know the answer to “You want to make profit, don’t you?”
  • Questions that feel like interrogation “Didn’t you …?”
  • Questions that can be interpreted as judgmental “What can you afford?”
  • Power play questions “Hasn’t your company done …?”
  • “Why” questions “Why did you do that?”

You may be wondering why are “why” questions on the list. “Why” questions are on the list of potential questions to dump because the word “why” can often put others on the defensive. Even if you use the warmest of tones and have the nicest of intentions, many people are programmed, based on some experience in their past, to react to the word “why” by becoming defensive. Simply by getting your team members to reword their “why” questions, they can avoid the potential defensiveness (see the rewritten example in the chart below).

When your team members are looking for alternatives to these types of questions, help them replace their “dump it” questions with questions that are more focused on relationship building. They will help your team members understand more about their prospect’s perspective.

Using the questions above, your team members’ alternate questions might look something like this:

The Original Question The Alternate Question
“Wouldn’t it be better if …?” “What were you trying to achieve?”
“You want to make profit, don’t you?” “How much profit are you aiming for?”
“Didn’t you …?” “What did you do?”
“What can you afford?” “What’s the budget you are working with?”
“Hasn’t your company done …?” “What has your company been doing to deal with the issue?”
“Why did you do that?” “What made you decide to do it that way?”

Notice how many of the alternate questions begin with the word “what.” As you review your team members’ list of sales questions, make note of how many of theirs start with the word “what.” Experience has demonstrated that the majority of their effective sales questions will begin with “what.”

Are your team members asking any of the above “dump it” questions?

What are you going to ask your team members to help them recognize which questions to dump?

What are you going to do to help them develop some alternative more effective sales questions?

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