Sales Coaching Tip – Often Overlooked Timing

Sales Coaching Tip – Often Overlooked Timing

When coaching the sales team on their referrals, coaches often overlook the important detail of when their team members are asking for referrals.

“When they ask” includes the timing within the sales cycle and the timing within their sales conversations. Be sure to include these critical elements of time during your sales coaching sessions with your team members.

As you review the details of when your team members last asked for a referral, inquire about when they asked in the content of their sales cycle with that client and also explore when in their conversation they asked for the referral. Discovering when your team members are asking for referrals can be enlightening to your sales coaching. You may find out that your team members are doing a great job of the wording they use for asking for a referral but they aren’t asking at the best time.

Who on your team is working on asking for referrals?

Have you had the “when” conversation with these team members?

When can you have the “when” conversation with them?

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