Sales Coaching Tip – Referral Trigger

Sales Caoching Tip – Referral Trigger

When asking for referrals, salespeople often miss the importance of providing satisfied clients with some helpful structure to help them think of a good referral. Usually clients need a trigger to help them think of a contact that would benefit from speaking with a salesperson.

For example, right after we ask for a referral for our sales training, we typically say something like, “It would be someone who you have probably heard say they wish sales were higher or better.”

Your team’s trigger could include a multitude of options, such as their client’s:

  • Current clients
  • Past clients
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers
  • Association members

Knowing that clients often need a trigger to help them think of someone who is a good match for a referral, help your team members brainstorm what they might say to trigger their client’s memory and to qualify someone on their client’s list of contacts. This will help them get better qualified referrals more often.

Who on your team is not getting well qualified referrals?

What can you do during your next sales coaching sessions with them to develop some potential ways to trigger their clients’ memory of qualified contacts?

What can you ask them to get better qualified referrals more often?

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