Sales Coaching Tip – Triggering Clients’ Memories for Referrals

Sales Coaching Tip – Triggering Clients’ Memories for Referrals

As you know, clients often need triggers to think of good quality referrals for your team members. Once your team understands this and is acting on it, you can help them stand out and dig a little deeper with triggers that are not so obvious.

When salespeople are more specific about the type of referrals they are looking for and ask using very specific triggers, they make it easier for their clients to provide referrals, they increase the level of qualifying referrals and they increase the chances that they will be helpful to the referrals. This all leads to greater win-wins for clients, referrals and salespeople.

For example, you might coach your team members to qualify the referrals they get from their clients by triggering their memories with ideas such as:

  • The issues the contact might be facing
  • The level or position of the contact
  • The industry of the contact
  • The urgency of the contact’s need
  • The size of the contact’s problem
  • The quality of the relationship the client has with the contact

This kind of more detailed triggering can help your team members get more qualified referrals.

Who on your team is doing a decent job of asking for referrals?

Who of those individuals would benefit from getting more specific when they trigger clients’ minds for qualified referrals?

What can you do during your next coaching session with those team members to help them be even more specific in their triggering of clients’ memories for more qualified contacts?

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