Sales Coaching Tip – Are They Asking

Sales Coaching Tip – Are They Asking?

Often salespeople don’t ask for referrals. With this in mind, consider using one of your coaching sessions exploring how your team members are asking for referrals.

Don’t let them talk about generalities of what they could do to ask for referrals. Instead get them talking about what they did the last time they had the opportunity to ask for a referral. Focus on the realities of what they have done (or not done) to ask for referrals. This is where your sales coaching opportunity lies.

If you focus your coaching on what they could have done, it would be like an overweight person discussing what they could have eaten. It would end up being a theoretical conversation that usually leads to no change in behaviour (or in turn, no change in results).

Yet, if your coaching is about what they actually did, you can delve in and help them find ways they could have done better. It would like an overweight person sharing what they actually ate and exploring what they could have eaten that was a better choice for them individually (based on their preferences). The same principle holds true for your team members. A sales coaching conversation about the specifics will ensure they share what really happened so they can find more effective alternatives to ask for referrals (that feel congruent with who they are). Again you get a solution that works for the individual.

Who on your team is not as strong when it comes to asking for referrals?

What can you do during a coaching session to help ask for referrals in a more effective way?

What can you do to ensure you focus on the specifics of what they are doing and not have a theoretical conversation?

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