Sales Coaching Tip – Focus on One Thing

Sales Coaching Tip – Focus on One Thing

By focusing on one thing during your sales coaching sessions you can dramatically improve your team’s sales results. The one thing you can focus on that can make this kind of difference is to have your team members speak more than you do.

By getting them to talk more than you, you quickly discover what they:

  • Understand about their prospects’ needs
  • Know about your company’s product lines
  • Don’t know about your company’s products and prospects’ needs
  • Have tried to sell more effectively
  • Haven’t tried yet
  • Are willing to try next time they are helping prospects with their buying decisions

And….. what:

  • Worked during their sales conversations
  • Didn’t work during those conversations
  • Got in the way of the sale
  • Helped them build the relationship with the prospect
  • Got them to sell more

And just imagine, if you spoke most of the time, you would miss out on these insights and you wouldn’t be as effective with what say and ask to help them do better.

Who has been doing most of the talking in your sales coaching sessions?

How can you get your team members to talk even more?

How can you make the reduced time that you talk more effective?

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