Sales Coaching Tip – How Do They Want Their Feedback?

Sales Coaching Tip – How Do They Want Their Feedback?

Not all salepeople enjoy feedback.

To help your team members better digest your feedback, ask them how they prefer it. Have a discussion with them individually about how they like to get their feedback and how often. Be sure to come up with a feedback agreement that works for both of you and their sales results. You may find some of your team members want feedback more, or less, often than you are comfortable with or willing to do.

With this in mind, be sure to develop something that works for both of you. Start with a temporary agreement that acts as a test to see if it produces the kind of sales results you both want. Set up a time to review the sales success of the feedback strategy you two have agreed upon before the feedback agreement becomes more permanent to your sales coaching routines.

Also once you determine your feedback is on track with both your intentions, do a regular check-in after you’ve given feedback. For example, you might ask questions like, “How was that feedback for you? Was it as direct as you wanted it to be? Do you have anything else you would like me to comment on?”

And depending on their response, adjust your feedback and your sales coaching accordingly.

Who on your team could benefit from some more feedback?

When can you sit down with them to discuss the feedback you provide them?

How often would be too often or not often enough for you to provide feedback?

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