Sales Coaching Tip – Don’t Go In Too Soon

Sales Coaching Tip – Don’t Go In Too Soon

Sales managers usually are very focused on helping their team members find better solutions to their sales challenges. And sometimes in this pursuit, coaches miss some important details in understanding the sales situation.

With this in mind, when you are sales coaching, beware of moving too quickly to a solution before understanding the situation.

I’ve seen it happen too often when I observe sales leaders coaching their teams. With the purest of intent, a leader will make a suggestion about how to solve a problem that does not fit the situation. The team member will feel he is not being listened to. This often causes the team member to share less and to edit his comments.

How do you know that you know enough about the situation before you move on to helping your team members find a solution? Remind yourself before you start each coaching conversation that the majority of your questions will be about the situation. This key factor will help guide your coaching conversation to have a more appropriate focus on the situation. Try reminding yourself of this key before you start each of your coaching conversations in the coming week and see how it changes your coaching and your team members’ performance.

And when it does come to switching the conversation to the solution, you might find it helpful to do a check in with your team members to see if they are ready to make the shift. It can be as simple as asking, “Is there anything else that you feel is important for me to know about the situation before we shift to finding a more effective solution?”

Being situation-focused before you switch to helping your team members with a solution will help your coaching be more targeted and helpful. It will assist them to perform better without feeling they want to share less or edit their comments.

What are you going to do to remind yourself to be more sales situation-focused in your coaching this coming week?

What situation questions are you going to ask to help get your salespeople talking more about their sales situations?

What are you going do before you switch your coaching conversations to solution mode?

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