Sales Coaching Tip – Avoid the Biggest Coaching Mistake

Sales Coaching Tip – The Biggest Mistake Coaches Make

What if you knew what would make your sales team more productive and more effective? What if you were in control of the key that would help your team members sell more tomorrow than they did today? And what if you held the secret to your team members’ success and ultimately the better treatment of clients?

Well … as you know coaching will make your sales team more productive and effective. And sales coaching will help your team members sell more tomorrow. And coaching increases your team members’ success and improves your team members’ treatment of clients.

So where’s the biggest mistake coaches make, you ask?

The biggest mistake sales coaches make is … they cancel coaching sessions with their team members. Often when busy periods are upon us, coaches cancel coaching. Even with all the benefits of coaching to team members, to you the leader and to the client experience (and there are more than listed in the first paragraph), coaching often gets cancelled when leaders are feeling the pressure. Do your team members, yourself and clients the favor of reducing your occurrence of making this coaching mistake.

When you feel yourself tempted to cancel coaching session(s), ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I afford for my team to be less productive and less effective in the coming week?
  • If my team members do the same job tomorrow as they did today, is that okay with me?
  • Will my team members work as consistently if I don’t demonstrate my commitment to their success?
  • What message am I sending to my team members when I cancel coaching? (Do I want them to feel like I’m not committed to their success?)
  • Am I willing to let the treatment of clients slip?
  • Is what I’m cancelling my coaching session(s) for more important than the above?

Let your answers to these questions be your guide when you are considering cancelling your sales coaching session(s) with your team. As you know, you have choices. Cancel (knowing the consequences and the message it sends to your team members). Don’t cancel. Or reschedule.

Whatever you choose to do, be aware of its impact on your team, to your coaching relationship with your team members and with clients.

Have you cancelled any coaching sessions recently?

When you read through the questions above, do you believe it was the best choice under the circumstances?

What can you do to avoid some of the negative consequences of cancelling coaching in the future?

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