Sales Coaching Tip – The Simple Cost-Free Solution

Sales Coaching Tip – The Simple Cost-Free Solution

What simple cost-free solution …

  • Let’s you know what is really going on in the office so you can provide your team with the most relevant information to fill their performance gap
  • Allows you to know exactly what each team member needs so you can help them perform better
  • Provides you with helpful feedback so you can do better
  • Earns the trust of your team so they will treat clients better

The answer may surprise you …. The answer is … (drum roll please) to more effectively demonstrate your listening.

If you listen more effectively, your team members will let you know what is really going on so you can be more helpful and provide them with the most relevant information to what is going on their world.

And according to my research, listening is the number one behavior you can engage in as a leader to earn your team’s trust and improve your team’s performance. And the research also indicates the more team members trust you, the better they will treat clients. So listening to your team members is the simple cost-free solution to improving your team’s performance.

What are you doing that is getting in the way of listening more effectively to your team members?

What can you do to better demonstrate your listening?

What are you going to do to get valuable feedback about the level of your listening?

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