Sales Coaching Tip – Team Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching Tip – Team Sales Coaching

Just like one-on-one sales coaching, team sales coaching can be very effective. One beneficial way to use team sales coaching is when the group shares a common sales goal.

For example, if your team was working on a common goal of cross selling, turn a regular team meeting into a team sales coaching session so enable your team members to share their best practices for selling other lines of business. This kind of sales coaching environment can provide invaluable feedback, ideas and approaches to fellow team members. It often can prove to be very effective since, as you probably have experienced, it is sometimes easier for team members to learn from their team mates (rather than from you).

If you do decide to go ahead and have a sales coaching team meeting, be sure to have someone record the best practices so they can be saved and later be shared with new team members. This kind of resource can be extremely helpful to new sales team members as they join the team.

What common goal do your team members share?

How could you use that goal in a team sales coaching environment?

What are you going to do to ensure their best practices are documented for future use?

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