Sales Coaching Tip – Which One for Which Team Members

Sales Coaching Tip – Which One for Which Team Members

When you’re coaching your team members, you’ll discover they need one (or more) of three coaching methods to help them sell better. These three methods for improvement will have them helping clients with their buying decisions more effectively and profitably.

The three methods for improvement are:

Sales Preparation – With this method, your team members develop a process, set of questions or a way of responding to a sales challenge they have been experiencing. For example, they might spend time preparing to respond price objections by writing out alternative ways they could respond when clients indicate they have a price objection.

Sales Practice – Typically this would involve a role play with your team members practicing a new sales approach of theirs. Using the example above, it might mean they take their sales preparation of the various ways they could respond to clients’ objections and they role play it with you. You play the role of the client and they play the role of themselves. They would then tweak their written out preparation so it would work better in their conversations with clients.

Sales Acceleration – This method involves you coaching your team members to improve what they are currently doing with clients. An example would include a review of a recent client conversation. Following the price objection theme, it would involve reviewing how they responded to their client’s price objection and you coaching them to find a more effective way to respond to the objection. The coaching could also include helping your team members to notice their client’s signs of a price objection earlier in the conversation and to address any price objections before clients get a chance to verbalize them … a more proactive approach to price objections.

As you can see there are several ways to approach your coaching conversations depending on what your team members are experiencing. You can coach your team members to more effectively help clients with their buying decisions if you better match their needs to the method you use to improve their sales approach.

Who on your sales team would benefit from some sales preparation?

Which of your team members would do better if they engaged in some sales practice with you?

Who on your team could do with some sales acceleration during their coaching sessions with you?

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