Sales Coaching Tip – How Often Have You Done This?

Sales Coaching Tip – How Often Have You Done This?

A team member (let’s call him Frank) comes to you with a problem. Let’s say for the sake of example, he wants help with asking better questions so he can better serve his clients’ needs.

You respond promptly to his request and set up a sales coaching session with him. You do a great job of coaching him on how to ask better sales questions. Frank really seems to have gotten it.

All is now good in the world of coaching, right?

Not so quick … grasshopper. Too often managers stop at this stage when helping their team members develop effective sales habits. The challenge with this example is it is only the beginning stage of developing effective habits (not the final stage).

There are two other stages to go before most team members reach the stage of developing effective habits: the testing stage and the tweaking stage.

The testing stage is about your team members seeing what kind of results they get from their new approach.

And the tweaking stage follows once team members have an approach that gets the kind of results you and they need and want. It’s when team members fine-tune the wording of what they say or ask to make it feel more natural and like their own.

These stages typically require follow-up and on-going coaching. This makes the development of effective habits a series of coaching sessions not a singular event.

What stage in the development of effective sales habits is each of your team members at? Testing? Tweaking? Or Habit?

What can you do to help your team members through the stages of developing effective habits?

What are you going to do to remind yourself to see coaching of any one skill as a series of coaching sessions (not a singular event)?

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