Sales Coaching Tip – Have You Done Any of These?

Sales Coaching Tip – Have You Done Any of These?

Reflect on your coaching in the last week or two. Did you engage in any of the following behaviors with your team members?

Avoiding – choosing not to interact with certain team members (as much as you usually do)

Forcing – ordering someone on your team to do something

Telling – providing answers before hearing your team members’ perspective

Judging – making a value judgment about someone’s behavior

Criticizing – giving feedback to someone in a way that is not helpful improving their behavior

These kinds of behavior often cause your team members to not focus on the learning and performance improvement outcomes of their coaching. They focus instead on defending themselves.

You can remedy these behaviors with two simple actions on your part by listening more effectively first, and then by exploring with your team members what alternatives are available to them.

Often we get caught up in unproductive behaviors like the ones listed above when we over-think what could go wrong or when we use old less effective methods of thinking. When you find yourself slipping into any of these behaviors, take a deep breath and make the commitment to listen more effectively and then focus on helping your team reflect on which alternatives will be more effective for their desired sales results.

Which of the above behaviors have you engaged in recently?

What can you do to listen more effectively to your team members?

What can you ask to help your team members better explore their more effective alternatives?

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