Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Priorities

Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Priorities

You know what your team members’ top three sales priorities are. And they know the top three priorities they are working on. Yet if we compared your top three list to their top three lists, would the lists match?

Leaders often believe their teams are working on the same priorities. Yet when they inquire, they usually find their team members have a different sales focus than what they expected. For this reason, consider adding a review of your team members’ priorities to your sales coaching conversations.

I’d suggest you discover your team members’ understanding first so you get to see their thinking free from the influence of your thoughts. Their answers will provide valuable information to direct your conversations with them. Depending on what they say, you can help them fine-tune the direction they are going.

Often sales performance is lower than you expect because of a simple misunderstanding of sales priorities.

Who are your team has consistently not been hitting sales targets?

Whose sales have slumped recently?

What are you going to do to have conversation about their sales priorities?

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