Sales Coaching Tip – “Why Should I …”

Sales Coaching Tip – “Why Should I …”

“Why should I take the time to listen to what my team members would do to handle a sales situation when I can tell them exactly what to do in much less time?”

This is the question I got from a new sales manager recently. My response?

“When you were a salesperson, what were your reasons for asking your clients questions and listening carefully to their responses?”

New sales manager: “So I would know exactly what they needed and I could sell them the best product for their needs.”

The same principle applies when you are coaching your salespeople. You want to listen to your team members’ thoughts and ideas (uncontaminated by your thoughts and ideas) so you know what they need and you can coach them to fill their knowledge or performance gap.

Who on your team do you usually not take the opportunity to hear their thoughts before you share yours?

What can you ask or do to solicit those team members’ perspective before you share your opinion?

When are you going to take the opportunity to this with those team members?

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