Sales Coaching Tip – Reduce Price Objections

Sales Coaching Tip – Reduce Price Objections

When you are sales coaching, help your team members discover why their clients buy the products they are selling. If your team members don’t understand their clients’ motives for buying products, they reduce their sales to a transaction. This can reduce their products to the same level as your competitor’s. Translation: the differentiator between your products and your competitor’s is reduced to price. Not a good position for your sales team.

This can put your team members in the awkward position of responding to more price objections. Your role as their sales coach is to assist them break this price objections cycle by helping your team members have conversations about what matters to clients, not dry transactional interactions based on price.

One of the simplest ways to help your team members shift their sales conversations to more about what matters to clients is to encourage them to focus on their clients’ personal and professional reasons for buying. By better understanding these motives, your team members can later link what is most important to their clients to the information they share about your company’s products.

Who on your team has been dealing with more price objections that you would normally expect?

What can you do to help these team members better understand their clients’ personal and professional reasons for buying?

What can you do to help these team members develop a set of questions to discover their clients’ professional and professional reasons for buying your products?

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