Sales Coaching Tip – Coaching Filters for Cross Selling

Sales Coaching Tip – Coaching Filters for Cross Selling

If your team members are like most when they are cross selling, they have a tendency to see the process from their perspective. Yet as you know, cross selling successes typically come from positioning cross selling from clients’ vantage point.

Having a company or salesperson perspective when it comes to cross selling is a sales repellent. It turns clients away. You can help your team members attract more cross selling business by helping switch to a more client-focused cross selling approach.

To help your team members better demonstrate their client-focus filters, include some of the following in your cross selling coaching:

  • What they asked to discover their clients’ needs
  • How they determined which product was the best match for their client’s needs
  • What they said to recommend the product
  • How they positioned the product from their clients’ perspective
  • How they set up their recommendation as an advantage to their clients
  • What they said to their clients to communicate those advantages

When coaching your team members, encourage them become better at cross selling by helping them adapt a more client-focused filter.

Who on your team is not cross selling with their clients’ perspective in mind?

Who on your team could use some help with shifting their cross selling to a client-focused activity?

What are you going to do to help those team members become more client-focused in their cross selling?

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