Sales Coaching Tip – Transition to Cross Selling

Transitioning to Cross Selling

Once your team members have successfully identified clients’ needs and closed the business clients called for, it’s usually time for your team members to transition the conversation to cross selling.

When you are coaching your team members, include how they are transitioning their conversations from completing their sales to cross selling.

Focus first on discovering what they are currently saying and then help them polish what they say to transition to cross selling so when they speak with clients what they say works and it feels natural to them. Be prepared to discover your team members may not be transitioning their conversations or they are doing it in a very awkward way (for example, doing it with a self-focus rather than a client-focus).

Then coach them on how to transition to cross selling. Include an examination of not only what they tell clients but also what they ask. Brainstorm with them the questions they could ask to discover the gaps between their clients’ needs and the products their clients currently have. The most effective of these questions can help facilitate their transition to the cross selling part of their conversations.

Have you been coaching your team members on how they transition their conversations to cross selling?

Who on your team could benefit from some coaching on how to better transition their conversations to cross selling?

What are you going to ask during your coaching to help them better transition their conversations to cross selling?

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