Sales Training or Sales Coaching

Sales Training or Sales Coaching

During your coaching sessions, you’ll sometimes discover a team member who doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to do a part of his job. What do you do with when you come across this in your sales coaching? Take a step out of the coaching conversation and provide your team member with the chunk of training he needs. Yet this training focus does not mean you fully remove your coach’s hat.

Most sales managers, who discover during coaching that a team member need training, immediately switch to training mode. Avoid doing this.

Instead, engage in “Tell Me” in your coaching conversation. It might sound something like this (let’s say you find out your team member doesn’t know which discovery questions to ask):

“Tell me, what you do know about discovery questions?”

“What do you remember about the discussion we had about them in our last sales meeting?”

“Tell me more about the ones you think might work for you. Which of those examples do you think would be most effective?”

Notice that this “Tell Me” coach-like approach would provide you with a better understanding of what and how much your team members know, and don’t know, so you can ensure what you say is most relevant to their needs.

If you switch to training mode without engaging in “Tell Me” first, you run the risk of going on at length and turning off your team member’s interest in learning. And as a by-product, your team member’s knowledge will not improve much.

Use the “Tell Me” approach when you find yourself needing to train your team members. It will save you both time, energy and brain power. And it will give them and you better results.

Who on your team do you suspect needs a small piece of training?

What can you do to find out what and how much they currently know?

How can you use the “Tell Me” coach-like approach in that conversation?

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