Sales Coaching Tip – Follow-Up with Your Team

Sales Coaching Tip – Follow-Up with Your Team

At the end of each of your sales coaching conversations, include how and when you are going to follow-up with your team members. By scheduling the follow-up within limited time frames, your team members will be more willing to try their new approaches.

By building follow-up into your sales coaching, you break your team members’ new sales commitments into manageable doable chunks.

It’s easier for your team members to commit to a new behavior for a short period of time rather than engaging in a new behavior for an indefinite period of time. Your follow-up questions facilitate your team members trying new behaviors.

These questions might include: “When would be a good time for us to follow-up with one another to see how your new approach is working for you?” or “How about we touch base next week to see how it went? What day might work for you?”

When you ensure you schedule follow-up into your sales coaching, you convert what may have been a pleasant but easily-forgotten conversation into the sales improvement to fuel for your team’s sales results.

In your last, few coaching sessions did you build follow up into the end of your coaching session?

Did you book the follow up into your schedule or was it left to chance?

What can you do to ensure you and your team members leverage follow up to improve their sales results?

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