Sales Coaching Tip – What’s Not Part of Coaching

Sales Coaching Tip – What’s Not Part of Coaching

Sometimes managers are trying to get their team members to do the “right” thing in coaching. They try to direct their team members to the “right” answer. Or they try to get them to engage in the “right” sales activities.

Here’s what is not a part of coaching … the word “right.”

“Right” implies that there is one way to respond to someone for perfect performance. This would also imply everyone your team speaks with is the same.

When I observe some sales managers coach, I sometimes hear them using the language of “right.” Instead, I encourage them to start shifting their thinking towards “more effective.”

By getting them to focus on helping their team find a more effective way of responding to clients (rather than the right way), their team members are then focused on the client not what they do. By focusing on being “more effective” next time in their approach, they are more focused on the dynamics of the sales conversation they are engaged in (not on using the “right” words that may not fit the situation).

When you are in a coaching conversation with your team members and they are reflecting on what happened during a client conversation, you might want to use questions like:

“When you look at how the client responded, one a scale of one to ten how effective was your approach?” (Let’s say they responded with a 6)

“Where would you have liked to rank?” (Let’s say they responded with a 9)

“What made yours a six?”

“What could you have been more effective?”

“What could you have done to make it a nine?”

“How about we brainstorm some more options?”

“Of all the ideas we’ve discussed, which ones do you think would have made it a nine for this client?”

These kinds of questions will help your team members move away from being “right” and move towards being “more effective” in their approaches.

Who on your team is stuck in a performance rut and focused on getting things” right”?

What can you say to help them understand it’s not about “right” but about what is more effective for a specific client?

What are you going to ask during your next coaching conversation to help them make the shift from “right” to “more effective”?

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