Sales Coaching Tip – Feedback Check Up

Sales Coaching Tip – Feedback Check Up

As you know, you can improve your team’s performance by improving the feedback you provide them.

Next time you are giving your sales team feedback, listen to yourself. Are you being specific enough? Are your comments clear enough? Have you provided concrete examples of alternatives?

To ensure you are being specific, clear and concrete enough, check-in with your team members after you have delivered your feedback. Ask them for feedback on your feedback. This way you’ll find out if the quality of your feedback was helpful enough for them to improve their sales results.

As you know, it’s about how clear, specific and concrete your team perceives your feedback to be, not how clear, specific and concrete you think your feedback was.

Who on your team could you be providing better feedback?

When can you give them that feedback?

What are you going to do to check in with them regarding the quality of your feedback?

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