Sales Coaching Tip – When Team Members Are Doing Well

Sales Coaching Tip – When Team Members Are Doing Well

Coaching is about constantly helping your team be better today than they were yesterday. Therefore if you have been coaching regularly, each of your team members will be improving.

So what do you do if they are all doing well? Stop coaching? Reduce your coaching?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Keep on coaching but focus on going deeper. Get into the real specifics of their role. High performers truly love getting better … they feed off of it.

Also consider integrating some of the following into your team’s routines:

  1. One-on-One Peer Coaching – make these short and very focused so they are effective.
  2. One-on-One Peer Observation – again make these short and very focused. – with criteria for what watch for followed by discussion with you afterward
  3. Targeted Team Learning (based on stats) – you can do this by having the team chose who they would like to learn from based on their stats being high in a target area. Again this doesn’t have to be long.
  4. Team Evaluation – with the permission of the team member, get the team to listen to a stellar call. As they listen, let them evaluate it. Then discuss the scores as a group.

You want to have this kind of cross pollenization happening with you connected to it. You want to remain connected to it so you can foster the learning and arrange for the best practices to be harnessed and shared. And you want it to be targeted and focused so the team routines don’t take up a lot of time and do maximize learning. By ensuring you are involved and the routines are targeted and focused, you help your team members feed off one another’s excitement for their work and foster their team spirit to even greater heights.

The reward of being on a high performing team can be its own reward. The key as the coach is to feed the fire that motivates them to perform better and better. By providing opportunities for your team to learn from one another and honor one another for the talents they have developed, you create the fuel to keep that fire going.

Is your team doing well?

What can you do to help your team do even better by getting deeper into the specifics of their role?

What are you doing to do to foster your team sharing more of what will help them perform better?

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